Wednesday, March 28, 2007
My Surprise This Morning
I guess Jeremy took it upon himself to capture me at my best last night. I have this habit of snuggling with the hedgehogs late at night and dozing off. Baby is usually under the blankie and Gerber stays securely in my hand. This morning I found my camera on and saw the wonderful moment caught. Note that ball of spines is Gerber, Baby the hedgehog is snuggled into my side. The Chase Lounge is our favorite sleeping spot.
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Gerber also got a bath yesterday and his cage cleaned, Baby is getting her bath today and her nails done. I am enjoying being off work actually because I am getting some really good rodent time in, besides, mommy had lots of money saved up just for babies in case she decided to quit her job.

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Want to Play "Spot the Mouse"?
The rules are simple, it is similar to where's Waldo. Try and spot Ariel in her nest.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007
Rat Diary...Day 6
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Oh Miss Molly, what a delight you are. My beautiful baby has eaten two of my favorite shoes already. I was working on trust with her and holding, when she skipped out of my arms and into my closet. I figured, "what is the harm in that"? Until about an hour later Miss MOlly comes trotting out with a black slip on in her mouth. Oh my, I wasn't mad at all actually, it was so cute..She wanted MY shoe. Fabulous. She loves Strawberry jam and making a mess with it in her cage. She loves Cheeto's and burying them in her Rat's Nest. I think she is still mistaking my fingers for sausage links, but we are working on it...Ive got nothing but time.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Rat Diary...Day 4/5
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Well, after a few days of what seemed like progress, we have seemed to plateau. Molly will eat from our hands, but still runs when we attempt to pet her. She runs if we enter the room and waits about 30 minutes before coming to us. It has been almost a week and my baby does not want to be loved on. I fear I may be doing something wrong. Treats and spoiling just do not seem to be working, or maybe I need to be more patient. She has been alive 6 months and this is probably the first time she has had all this attention. I just want to give her the best life and love she deserves.
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Im in love..Already
Enough said. I love Miss Molly.
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Rat Diary...Day 3
Oh my.....Spaghetti was a hit!! She absolutely loved it and came to us to eat from the plate. She played all night long, it was like a symphony. This morning I scooted her into her travel case and we sat on the couch in the bedroom (her room) and worked on trust and hand holding. I was able by the end of it to lift her up in my hand and place her on my lap. She is curious and loves hiding in piles of clothes or my pants leg. About 3 hours of petting and loving put her in just the right mood for some photo op's. Here ya go!

Molly by her tube.
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Molly telling mom to buzz off.
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Molly posing and being cuddly.
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Molly's teddy bear from daddy. She cares for it like a baby, oh my.
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Monday, March 19, 2007
Rat Diary...Day 2
Oh wow....I am just full of thoughts right now. Miss Molly had an interesting night as me and Jeremy slept. She ventured unto the second floor where her teddy bear was and I heard her fussing about and playing in the tube. This morning I awoke with excitement and hope. I tenderly scooted Miss Molly into her travel case and I grabbed a bad of fritos and a glass of water and we sat in the empty bath tub figuring each other out. I sat there and ate while she started hiding in my clothes. She climbed up my pants leg several times, very cool.

I began to notice though she is very terrified of hands. I scooted her into her travel case and set it on my lap. I began just stroking her. She nipped me once or twice, but soon she began to purr it seemed. She closed her eyes and let me rub every inch of her. Her face, her belly, her tail, everywhere. She was calm and let her guard down, it was amazing. I attempted to place my hand under her to pick her up but she wasn't having it. I felt she had made enough progress for then and placed her back in her home. She is so terrified of people, but I can tell she wants to trust me, but can't.

Her stare is hypnotic, almost if she can read my thoughts. I talked to her to whole time, I almost forgot I was talking to a rat and not another person. I told her of the other babies, how they came here etc. I sang to her and repeated her name over and over again. I have never touched a rat before, their tail is like a paintbrush and fur like silk. I told her I loved her, my little Molly. I think I shall eat lunch now and try again with Miss molly later this evening. I am cooking her spaghetti with mushroom sauce with a side of broccoli. Perhaps a little spoiling is in order. Pictures will be up tonight I suspect, if daddy Jeremy charges the camera.
Sunday, March 18, 2007
Rat Diary..Day 1
I wanted to start this diary to document the progress of Molly Malone, our baby. She came home at 6 AM today and was brought immediately to the bedroom. We set her cage on the bed and lifted the top off. After about 20 minutes she ventured out onto the bed cautiously. When I noticed her grooming excessively, I opted to return the lid and let her rest. At 2 PM we purchased her new residence. I love it to death. We also purchased a fleece hammock, teddy bear<--animal safe, a wood carrot for chewing, and some fresh vegetables. Around 4 PM we lifted the lid of the old cage and let her run freely around the bedroom. She is cautious of us and is frightened to be touched. We were able to life her in her tube into her new cage. It has 3 levels and she was content to stay on the first level inside her new purple igloo. She is resting now, she has had a long day. I hope I can show her what love is.

I also added a slide for safe fun for my frisky baby.
Click here for purchasing info

The cozy Hammock
Click here for purchasing info

More pictures to come, Miss Molly is sleeping and I shan't disturb her till morning.
Thursday, March 15, 2007
To prove their MOUSY WORTH, they'll take over the Earth..

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Sickle the pudgy mouse boy
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Ok...I am not quite sure how this happened, but I have an overweight mouse. My big boy isn't just big bellied...he is big all around..we call him "medium" as in reference to me one day saying he is as big as a medium rat. Sickle comes from the house of Fawn. He was raised with 1 brother, Darth Vader, and 5 sisters, Carrot, Beet, Moo-Latte--> his twin sister, Smokey and Bandit. Also there is aunt Turnip who helped raise the babies for Mama Fawn. OK.

None of the other girls are abnormally large, and Darth Vader is a runt so, I am not sure of where this jumbo mouse came from. His daddy Coal mouse, rest his soul, was a runt as well. I have had to purchase a hamster sizes wheel just so he can run without getting stuck. I have checked him again and again for any lumps or sign of disease. He is perfectly healthy.

To the best that I could, I weighed the hoss mouse and came to 35 grams = 0.0771617918 pounds. My beautiful baby boy playing in the hedgehog play-pen after mommy had already cleaned it out, sigh I am a slave to them all.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Is a Hedgehog the Right Pet for You?
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I asked myself this question for a long time. My hedgehog Gerber came to me through a small shop I had wondered in to get a water bottle. I saw this poor creature suffering from diarrhea and mites. He looked at me with those big possum-like eyes and I knew I was taking him with me. The shop keeper tried to talk me out of it, knowing the animal was sick and probably dieing. I diddn't care, even if he was to die, I will have given him a great last few days. I brought Gerber to the vet immediately. About 300 dollars and many sleepless nights later, Gerber had a good prognosis.

I then asked the question, what do I do with this hedgehog? I had never interacted with one before and Gerber and never been handled so his disposition was quit undesirable to say the least. I read quite a few books and watched several documentaries on handling, but I just had to figure it out on my own.

What do you do when a child throws a tantrum? You pay it no attention, you don't let up, and you wait for him to calm down to talk some sense. I did the same for Gerber. I would pick him up and let him throw his tantrum and when he was done he realized mom wasnt so bad and even had treats for him. Slowly but surely he cam around and we have nice conversations and quality T.V. time. My favorite time of the day is unwinding after work with Gerber by my side watching our favorite shows. is a hedgehog right for you? I am as contrary as my hedgehogs, I am moody and prone to a "huffy" fit every now and then. A hedgehog is not cuddly, sure he can cuddle, but you can get a face full of quills if your not careful.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Their eye site is very poor so a nibble now and then on your hand if you startle them is common. They will roll in a ball and take your hand with them if you are not careful. The can be loud at night and expensive to care for. THEY ARE NOT MEANT FOR CHILDREN!

Is it worth it? They are smelly, crabby, and can be down right mean....but I wouldn't trade it for the world and now have 2 hedgehogs, I took in a girl, a playmate for Gerber. I built them a play pen for their night rounds, Something all hedgehogs do and need. I love my prickly pears and if you fit the criteria, you will too.

My baby "Gerber".
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My baby "baby".
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I have Been Tagged...
OK, I have been tagged by Jen to share SIX WEIRD THINGS ABOUT ME....

Here we go.

1. I am that insane cat lady down the road, but instead of cats theres rats.
2. I would rather talk to my animals then most people.
3. I can carry a conversation with myself.
4. I really could survive as a hermit.
5. I love the environment but welcome the apocalypse.
6. I am a very positive person once you get to know me.

PHEW!!! Ok girl, there you go.

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Friday, March 9, 2007
I am in love with Dumbo Rats!!
A dumbo rat is simply a normal domestic rat, Rattus norvegicus (same species as almost all pet rats), with a mutation that enlarges and widens the ears and places them lower on the head. Somewhere along the line most of these rats appear to have been heavily selected for a docile temperament. They suffer no disadvantage due to their unusual ear set and size and slightly broader, flatter heads. In fact, their winsome sweet faces appear to be largely to their advantage when it comes to out-cute-ing the competition, whatever the species......

I saw my first Dumbo rat the other day and I fell in love immediately. I am of course a fan of the adorable hairless rat...but I believe I may have room in the future for a Dumbo as well. It is difficult however to come across certain kinds of small animals when your purpose is rescuing. I did feel horrible when mt 2 girl mice gave birth, I felt ashamed I brought life into this world when so many already need homes. But I look at it as a gift from my Coal mouse who passed recently. He was their daddy and I see more and more of him in them everyday.

Anyway, like I was saying, I LOVE DUMBO'S. My animals come to me through fate I think. And as the saying goes..."When a rodent is in trouble, I am not slow, it's hip hip hip and AWAY I GO!!"

Oh my goodness!!
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Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Mouse Art and Poerty by Steffy
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My babies climb and ascend my face.
They scurry over shoulders, leaving not a trace.
Trusting and loving, this brave little soul,
But the fact of reality takes its toll.
Everyday her sisters are taken by man.
Their lives are ended, by the death fan.
Fun and amusement in their demise.
You see the pain and struggle in her eyes.
I cannot save you all, I say in her ear,
Save as many as you can mama,
Bring them all here.
Their are no happy endings, because nothing ever ends,
My fight for their freedom will cease to mend,
Their hearts beat, their eyes tear, they can smell happy,
and they can know fear.
If you ever knew the love in their gaze,
it would never be a passing faze.
You would be twisted in their mouse maze,
Dancing and singing with the mice as they play.

By Steffy, March 8th, 2007

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Hedgehog Poetry
The hedgehog, such a charming creature
With adorable little facial features
Button eyes and rubber nose
Quite a picture does he pose

Such a distinguished little gent
Trying to anoint a scent
Spikes like armor this funny clown
Bristling ball at slightest sound

Tail a pink hairless nub
Endearing animal that I love
On stubby legs you waddle around
Making huffing, snuffing sounds

Right out of a fairy tale
This enchanting fellow that I hail
Fuzzy belly soft and white
Quiet comrade of the night

Nodding sunny days away
Under starry skies he wakes to play
Live well my winsome little friend
Prosper well unto your end.

- Peng, 1995

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Friday, March 2, 2007
Products I Highly Recommend
I encourage the buying of S.A.M. products just for pure quality standards. S.A.M. Products are sturdier and better built in my own opinion. I bought this home for my mouse Nickel and he just loves it. It has two levels for burrowing and tunneling fun.

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"My First Home" is a brand I know and trust. For first timers it is an excellent choice for your larger animal, say guinea pig, rabbit, hedgehog etc. I have used their homes for many of my animals and I have no complaints to report.

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I cannot express more gratitude and appreciation for the Browns Company for their amazing high quality foods. My hedghogs are at their ideal weight and I owe it to Browns. Browns also makes food for hamsters. It is an amazing product.

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