Thursday, May 14, 2009
Sweet Gerber
It has become a custom in Gerbers old age, that instead of ball time, he sits with me after jeremy has gone to bed, and helps me with the last of my days work on the computer. He even sometimes insisted on posting on Facebook. He just enjoyed sitting in my lap and snuggling. Tonight I went in there like normal with his blanket he liked and I found him sleeping. He passed away around 8 tonight since he was in his wheel during rat playtime. He liked being up and watching the rats run the rodent room. My Gerber was an old man hedgie, probably somewhere around 5 or so since no one new exactly his age when he was rescued.
For the last few hours I have been sitting with him. It is custom here that the departed spend their first night in the afterlife with loved ones. I will stay up tonight with him.
I never got over Baby the hedgehogs death, and was not able to adopt another hedgehog, after her. Now that my original hedgie, my Gerber has gone, I do not know if I could ever have another hedgie again.
Gerber came to me trough a friend who knew of his predicament. He had skin issues, dehydration, and diarrhea. We thought he would probably pass away quickly but I wanted to make sure he had a great last few days. We had done it in the past, adopted animals that were to die soon, just to make sure their last days were filled with love. But Gerber, he fought. And after a month of therapy, he was fat and huffing. I fell head over heels for my little gentlemen. In his younger days he accompanied me in a special hedgie pack I made for him, while I ran errands. He loved the outdoors and visitign Jeremy at work. He loved wooden floors and speeding over them in his ball. He loved going after the spiders that attacked mommy in the old apartment. He hated bath time and getting his nails done. He loved to anoint himself. He loved hard boiled eggs,and bananas. He especially loved Gerber baby food.
My Gerber will be cremated and his remains will be added to the family crypt to be buried with me when I pass away, as with all my babies. It sound silly I know. But never having human children, these are my children, and I want to spend this life, and the next one, by their side. I tear up as I write this, typing for the first time in months without Gerber in my lap.
He did not give me any indication he was sick. he passed away fat and full, the remains of a torn up egg still lingering by him. He really looked like he just fell asleep, the way I hope all my babies, and myself will go.
Good bye my sweet Hog, and have a blast with your new wings. I hope you find Baby and all my other little ones at the bridge.


Anonymous Shamisen said...
I am so sorry to hear this sad news about Gerber, I know how distraught you must feel right now. Please take comfort in the fact that Gerber fought after you first got him because he wanted to stay with you. You gave him a reason to enjoy life.
Sham xxx

Blogger Razzle said...
Like all your babies, Gerber was a lucky boy to have you as his mom. The world needs more people like you that care so much about sweet animals. They ARE our "babies" - and if anyone doesn't understand that, it is their loss. Rest in peace, dear Gerber. I know my Razzle is looking after you and introducing you to all his hedgie friends. I know you'll be looking out for your mom, dad, and siblings. <3

Blogger Lynn said...
Miss Steffy, I am very sorry to hear that Gerber passed away. I am grateful he went peacefully, and without pain or struggle. It sounds like you are deeply grieving, and Clikker & I send you our condolences.

RIP Gerber, and enjoy being over the Rainbow Bridge.


Blogger Karen Jo said...
I am so sorry that Gerber went to the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss reading about him. I am thankful that he went peacefully and without suffering. I am sure that he has found Baby already and that they are playing happily together once more.

Anonymous abita said...
I'm so very sorry. He was such a beautiful little guy, and I know it feels empty without him. Hugs to you and Jeremy.

Blogger Holly Hog said...
Great big hugs Steffy!!!! Gerber lived a great life with a very special mom. We're all thinking of you.

Blogger Kaz's Cats said...
G'day, we read about Gerber's passing at Karen Jo's Limerick blog, and we wanted to come over and say how sorry we are for your loss. He's the first pet hedgehog we've seen in the blogosphere, and we're sorry that we didn't meet him earlier. He looks like such a character. Purrs and hugs,

Gypsy & Tashs

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
I'm so sorry to hear about Gerber's passing. Play hard on Rainbow Bridge little fellow!

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