Thursday, March 12, 2009
Rudd Cage or Bust
Well its is here, the cage of my dreams. The wonder, fabulous, superb RUDD!!! Standing taller than me, it now sits between two rat skyscraper models. It was love at first sight, Dandelion and Waffles seemed just as thrilled as I was. They were chosen to move to the Rudd since they are the seniors of the house.

And now, without further ado, Bubba.
Bubba enjoys his meals, he especially likes bananas and yo-baby organic yogurt. A new addition to his diet, as well as all the babies is the Acai berry smoothie drink by pure. At 9 dollars a bottle for a bottle that is 7oz, this is no cheapie, but is a wonderful boost of anti-oxidants for my middles-aged babies.
Bubba, with his dinner in his sight...
Getting closer...he is always careful at dinnertime to inspect the meal before eating to make sure it is to his standards.
Ahhh....the yogurt gets it.


Blogger Karen Jo said...
The Rudd cage looks wonderful. All that room to climb and play. Bubba looks like he is really enjoying his dinner. It looks good to me, too.

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
We agree the Rudd Cage looks wonderful! We also think Bubba is super cute and are very impressed with his meal.

Blogger Lynn said...
Wowza! Talk about your Rattie Penthouse! Fantastic new digs, and I'm sure the babies are enjoying to the max.

Bubba, you are right to make sure your mom makes those meals to your standards. ;)

Blogger Peggy said...
Those are some great looking digs for the family. Are all three of those connected in any way?

Anonymous Rattitude said...
Your guys have such awesome homes...and breakfasts!

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