Thursday, January 1, 2009
WOW!!! What A Holiday
Christmas Eve. Lets just start with my parents gift to us. Every couple of years I go to the Petco here and rescue all the mice, since they sell all their animals for snake food. Well Christmas Eve I was going to do just that. I walked in as they opened, and low and behold a woman was already in the small animal area. I waited patiently and looked and all the babies when I heard her say to the attendant "I need two mice and a rat". When I heard that I new. I backed away in horror speechless. I looked at her and she would not look at me. Finally I said "I will give you a hundred dollars to just walk away now. She continued to look down and said "Nope, my snakes gotta eat to" I stepped closer to her and said low, "Please make it quick" and walked out, where I subsequently had a breakdown in my car.

I called my parents and told them what happened. I kept saying in my mind if I had gotten there 1 minute sooner I could have saved them. My parents told me to go to work and they would handle it. Christmas Eve night. We walked into my parents house to discover 7 baby boy mice and 1 gerbil. They had explained to me that they went on their own rescue mission, and the workers at their Petco begged them to take the gerbil to since he was getting old and nobody had wanted him. So we had new babies, and 1 new old man gerbil.

Since it is the holidays I had went shopping for all the babies, a new octo-play and hide and play fish were in order. New beds and new hammocks and new balls for running. And I made the mistake of going to a different Petsmart to do my shopping and of course they have pet rats. Please note the extreme difference between Petsmart and Petco, Petsmart jacks up the price on all their small animals to prevent them from being feeders.

So of course I saw two lonely boy rats, and they choose me, the minute the worker opened their cage door. Sigh...I am in the business of rescue and here I was buying two more rats. Oh well.

Now back to the mice. Apparently Petco does not separate their boy and girl mice, and 1 of my 7 boys happens to be a little girl. We may be having a litter, but I certainly hope not. But if it happens, we have delivered 2 other mice litters in the past, and they will all be spoiled and fawned over of course.

See what I mean about what a holiday??

Introducing Jerry the Geriatric Gerbil!!

Introducing Colette, the Mama Mouse

Introcing the Mice, Brownie, Butterscotch, Sherbert, Colette, Brain, Barthlomoo, and Pinkie. This was when we did not realize that Colette was a girl. She has been moved to her own home.

Introducing Perseus the Siamese Dumbo boy rat.

Introducing Noodles the Nakey boy rat.

King Solomon and his new baby brother Noodles

Of course the ever enchanting Dandelion in her new fish, and a Waffles butt.

Waffles the girl rat with a biscuit.

Gerber opening his Christmas present

Bubba letting me know picture time is over.


Anonymous abita said...
Wow. They are all super-cute, but I have such a soft spot for the hairless ratties, so I especially love Noodles.

And good for you and your parents for the rescue operation!

Happy New Year to you all!

Blogger Karen Jo said...
I am very glad that your parents were able to bring you some rescues. They are all very cute. I love their new fishie.

Anonymous Rattitude said...
You certainly had a active christmas rescue! Great for all the little ones. 'Specially the old man gerbil!

Blogger Holly Hog said...
I've never seen a hairless rat. He is soooooo cute!! I love his forehead wrinkles.

Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
Wow you fluffies sure had a nice Christmas and nice on the rescues.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Fluffy Tribe

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
What wonderful additions to your family! They are all so adorable! I especially love Noodles and his name.

Blogger Razzle said...
oh my goodness, they are all so sweet!!!!! And so are you for rescuing these little babies. I love the Jerry "old man" gerbil!

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