Monday, June 15, 2009
Good bye
Tonight, Waffles let me know she was ready. Tomorrow she will be going to the bridge, 9AM. Dandelion will be visiting with the vet, she has another tumor that needs to be removed. King Solomon rat will also be visiting the vet, he is unsteady, off-balance. Could be a Pituitary tumor..I do not know. I am somber. No, that is a lie. I am devastated. I must have been in denial about how this would go. I have never loved something so much, and had to say good-bye. I have been fortunate in my life, my loved ones still surround me. But my babies, keep going. It never gets easier. I laid my Waffles in her cage, and Dandelion snuggled up next to her and plopped her head on waffles neck. They are so beautiful.
To all who may read this, they may scare you, they may be mere objects or even pests to you. But I love them with my whole heart. My Waffles comforted me in times of pain, she kissed me when I cried, she listened when I was down. This is her last night. I want to remember her as the young hooded ratlet that scurried about in a box on the way home from the shelter. I want to remember bobbing for peas, their birthday parties.
I know tis better to have loved and lost. But I am so very sad. Our rescue has dwindled for there is not enough time, not enough days, minutes, to love them enough. I would always give anything for one more brux.
I heard this song and thought of my Waffles, Coffee black and egg white...
What will momma do without you my love?