Tuesday, February 27, 2007
My home
Ok, I am a bit slow on the posting recently. A lot of things have been going on here at the rodent apartment. I have re-arranged the rooms in which the babies occupy to make sure everyone is in the best spot for temperature and social interaction.
The hedgehogs are best kept in the kitchen, the warmest and darkest spot in the place. The mice are kept in the living room next to the couch for much needed human interaction. The guinea pig is also in the living room with the door to his cage always kept open so as not to feel in-prisoned and allow for easy access to mom and dad. The hamster is kept in the middle between the bedroom and the living room as to allow him peace and quiet with mild interaction, he can be testy if his nap is disturbed. Anyway I took some photos of the new arrangement,

Heres my babies, Moo-latte, Beat and Smokey.
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Heres Onion the Guinea Pig's new cage and all the goodies.
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Part of Nickels Habitat, courtesy of S.A.M. Products.
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The other part of Nickel the Mouses' Habitat.
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Just a cute picture of Blackberry of the House of Sugar, aka "Shh Shh".
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And finally, from the House of Shh....We have Sugar, Lucky, Chilla, and Blackberry.
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Saturday, February 24, 2007
Chinese New Year...A bit Twisted
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Saturday, February 17, 2007
A video tribute to my fallen Angel.
I made this for my Coal mouse, he is watching over my family now in the next world.
Friday, February 9, 2007
Want to say hedgehog in another language?
Planning to travel sometime soon? Ever wondered what name hedgehogs go by in other lands? Here is a dictionary of words for hedgehog in a variety of languages from around the world:
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Afrikaans: krimpvarkie

Anglo-Saxon: igil or il

Arabic: qunfud

Bengali: kata chua (spikey mouse)

Bulgarian: taralej

Chinese: ci-wei (needle animal)

Cornish: sort

Croatian: jez

Czech: jezek

Danish: pindsvin

Dutch: egel

English: hedgehog, hedge-pig, herichun, urchin

Finnish: siili

French: herisson

Gaelic: crainneag

German: igel

Greek: skandzohoiros

Hebrew: kipod

Hindi: aik parkar ka jangli chuha ("a spikey sort of mouse")

Hungarian: sün, süni, sündisznó

Irish: grainneog

Italian: riccio

Japanese: hejjihoggu or harinezumi

Latin: erinaceus

Maltese: Qanfud

Mandarin Chinese: Cìweì

Norwegian: piggsvin

Persian: kharpusht

Polish: jez

Portuguese: ourico

Punjabi: kanderala ("thorned animal")

Russian: ezh

Slovenian: jez.

Spanish: erizo

Swahili: kalunguyeye

Turkish: kirpi

Swedish: igelkott

Welsh: draenog

The End

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