Monday, July 13, 2009
Lazy Days
Things are moving slowly around here. The Midwest has been hot and humid so everyone is laying low from the heat. We took a little break for we have several more losses. Noodles the nakey rat, as well as King Solomon rat, both passed away 2 days apart. Noodles suffered from kidney disease that finally claimed his young life. Solomon had been in recovery from a stroke, but after a long fight, he rolled up and went to sleep. I will memorialize them soon, but I want a happy picture up here.
Since losing Waffles, Dandelion rat has been coping good as long as she gets all the attention.
On a side note, King Solomon has a surviving companion name Marshmallow, and Noddles has his surviving companion named Perseus. Although Marshmallow and Perseus are both dumbo rats, Marshmallow wants nothing to do with him. Solomon was Marshmallows life mate and he is determined to be alone now. Soo..I may be on the lookout for a rat rescue. Desperately seeking male rat; must be willing to play, groom, and play some more. Contact Perseus' mom for play date.


Blogger Karen Jo said...
I am so sorry that both Noodles and King Solomon Rat went to the Rainbow Bridge. Noodles was so young, too. I remember when you adopted him. I hope you can find a good companion for Perseus.

Blogger Rat in a Box said...
I'm so sorry to hear about Noodles and King Solomon. {hugs}
Hopefully a perfect rescue rat will find his way to you soon!

Blogger Noner said...
Sorry for your two recent losses.


Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
So many losses...I'm so very sorry. ))hug((

Blogger Lynn said...
Dang. Sorry I missed this update and am so late.

I am so sorry to hear of Noodles and King Solomon Rat passing. RIP boys and enjoy life over the Rainbow Bridge.

Many hugs to you, Steffy.

PS- How's the playdate coming? :)

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