Wednesday, January 28, 2009
So I Got A Computer Virus
That is why we all here have been so quiet. I got a lovely e-mail virus that crashed my computer. Thank god for back-up disks. So Anyway I wanted to start the new year late, but with a belated Birthday. Tomato is the last of my baby mice that were born in the house. He is 2 years and 2 months old. About 103 in human years. He is still the most active of all my mice and the most disgruntled. He is truly, a grumpy old man-mouse.

Happy Belated B-Day Tomato!!!


Anonymous abita said...
Aww, happy birthday, Tomato! I love the grumpy old men.

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
Happy Birthday Tomato! Grumpy perhaps, but so handsome!

Oh, the squeak hammock came from

Blogger Noner said...
He looks like an old pudger too. -grin-


Blogger Lynn said...
Happy Birthday Tomato! You may be grumpy, but living 103 human years has earned you the right. I hope you're still in good health for another year or two.

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