Monday, March 24, 2008
We had a good Easter!!
My parents made all the babies an easter basket. Food was the staple and a feast was had by all. Baby is doing well and keeping up her attitude.
*UPDATE* Daddy Jeremy saved another field mouse from the dreaded Orkin man!!
But the wild beastie escaped into the abyss that is my apartment. She has been spotted in he couch, under the stove and behind the tv. In the time she has been lose she has grown into a very large mouse, we leave food and water out for her and she has a food hoard under the chase lounge cushion. Her name is Peanut and if she wants to stay free....sigh..she can, Ill be looking for that oval shaped hole in the wall like outta Tom and Jerry.
Easter Madness!!

The boys..
The Girls..
The pigs..
And a cameo from Bridget..
Monday, March 17, 2008
Happy Saint Patricks Day!!

Marshmallows favorite band is the Dropkick Murphey's, so here is a video of the band performing their hit song Good Rats!

The lyrics cause they are hard to understand :)

Have you ever stopped to think about what rats do for fun?
Sure they crawl around and scurry,
yeah they're always on the run but a rat sure likes a good time
just like you and me
I'll prove it with a tale about a rat-infested brewery

It started with a little lad named vermin McCann
who fell upon a drink that made him feel like quite a man
he rounded up his furry boys,
though some wore a frown
they quickly changed their tune and they slammed a couple down.

One, two, one-two-three-four!
Come on all you good rats
we'll send you to heaven you'll find the pearly gates in the froth and the foam
'cause in these vats you've made quite a creation
a potion that turned the Guinness to gold!

Like mice behind a piper,
rats from all around soon headed for this factory in old Dublin Town.
They surely heard the news about this fancy new rat-brew they come,
they saw, they had a taste and knocked back a few

The rats were in a tizzy
addicted to the bone the hairy lugs were giddy
they were never going home
like a bunch of drunken pirates prepared to walk the plank they drank,
they sang, they took a plunge and in the beer they sank!
Friday, March 7, 2008
Going strong
Baby the hedgehog is going strong despite losing most control over her legs, her back left leg still is very strong and she scoots herself about. After Baby's bath every night, I have switched from her blankie to a low power blow dryer which she absolutely loves. She relaxes and stretches out her arms and legs, which is good to see they somewhat have some feeling. We do Her vitamin E every night, along with her multi vitamin and and big heaping helpful of baby formula, no pun intended. she is keeping her weight up and is still very independent. Go Baby!

Babytrying to trick me into thinking shes tired after her messy meal, to avoid a bath :)

Baby chowing down.


Sunday, March 2, 2008
Dinner time!!
I was making dinner tonight and thought to myself..."I wonder if I spoil them?". Then I answered myself, "God, I hope so."
Making special dinners for all the animals..full of fruits, veggies and a bit of total cereal. I also have the rats on Oxbrow Regal rat and they absolutely love it.




Not without my special movie plates.

They cannot eat this but I got a good laugh at the dollar store when I saw it, and had to buy it and add it to the bulletin board.