Monday, March 24, 2008
We had a good Easter!!
My parents made all the babies an easter basket. Food was the staple and a feast was had by all. Baby is doing well and keeping up her attitude.
*UPDATE* Daddy Jeremy saved another field mouse from the dreaded Orkin man!!
But the wild beastie escaped into the abyss that is my apartment. She has been spotted in he couch, under the stove and behind the tv. In the time she has been lose she has grown into a very large mouse, we leave food and water out for her and she has a food hoard under the chase lounge cushion. Her name is Peanut and if she wants to stay free....sigh..she can, Ill be looking for that oval shaped hole in the wall like outta Tom and Jerry.
Easter Madness!!

The boys..
The Girls..
The pigs..
And a cameo from Bridget..
Anonymous abita said...
The feast looks tasty!

I'm so glad to hear that Baby is doing well. :-)

And hopefully your new wild girl will come around. Why live under the sofa when you can have the lap of luxury?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Happy Easter - looks like all the critters had quite a wonderful feast! And glad to hear Baby doing well. Hedgies are illegal here - i'd love one - but i'll have to settle for the cool bag with Hedgies on it that my friend bought me last week on her vacation! Glad you're taking such good care of Baby!

Blogger Razzle said...
wow, those salads look better than my lunch right now!! And no, I'm not kidding. Glad everyone had a good Easter - and YAY to Daddy Jeremy for saving another mousy!

Glad Baby is doing well and keeping her spirits up. Happy Spring to all of you!

Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
Oh at various times Mom has had wild rodents staking out territory here and there. Never destructive ones though. Looks like you had some awesome gnoshing going on there ~The Fluffy TRibe

Anonymous Shamisen said...
Oooooh, nom nom nom nom!!!!

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