Monday, January 14, 2008
Happy 1 year birthday!!
Today my baby mice turn 1, and mama sugar is one year and 5 months old. I was there the day my babies came into this world and I am glad to see all that have survived. The original count,
Mama Fawn had seven babies January 13th 2007.
Carrot, beet, darth vader, Sickle, Bandit, smokey, and Moo-Latte.
Today Bandit and Smokey turn 1. Beet dies on her 1 year birthday, going to sleep in mommys hands after a long battle with cancer.
Mama Sugar had seven babies January 13th 2007.
Tomato, Nickel, Dime, Chilla, Lucky, Bessie, and Blackberry.
Nickel died shortly after birth and the rest are going strong, along with mama Sugar.
We sang happy birthday and a long feast followed.

1 Year ago today,
After a few weeks,
They grow up so fast!
Good by my beautiful Beet, you were special. You always wanted to be with us, always grabbing our hands and climbing up our arms to snuggle us. My beautiful baby, we defeated the cancer with you several months ago, this time we couldn't, and you looked so tired. I am glad you are with your daddy Coal mouse now. You have a left an unforgettable legacy behind, I will take care of your biggie. I love you.


Blogger Jenny said...
Happy Birthday, everyone!

Sorry to hear about Beet.

Blogger TT said...
It's sad that any furry creature has to go to the bridge but they are waitings for us when we get there too!

Blogger archi ann said...
wow those are great pictures of the growth. it's hard to lose any though.

Blogger Razzle said...
Happy birthday to the meeses! Sorry to hear about little Beet. What a little cutie he was. He led a great life and was very loved. He has lots of friends over the Bridge. <3

Blogger Kats_Kritters said...
sorry for the loss =/

.. beautiful pictures though. =)

Blogger Karen Jo said...
Happy Birthday to all the mice. I am very sorry about Beet. He will find lots of friends at the Rainbow Bridge, I am sure.

Blogger Rattie said...
Happy Belate Birthday cuties!

Blogger Jan said...
Awww, we're sorry about Beet. That's sad. We're glad the others are healthy, though.

Jan's Funny Farm

Blogger The Cat Realm said...
OH they look tasty - yum yum yum.... SORRY - SO SORRY - I didn't mean it, I swear....
We are very sorry about Beet, he was special!
And Happy Birthday to all of you!

Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
they grow up fast, but they are so cute when they are born. I love baby rodents. I love the big ones too, but the babies are just irresistable.
~Mom Jane from the Fluffy Tribe

Blogger Rattie said...
Happy Belated Birthdays!! They are all so adorable!!

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