Wednesday, December 26, 2007
My true love gave to me...
Jeremy, my love, brought me home a baby rattie about to be sold as as snake food. Christmas day I was introduced to my first baby boy rat. He immediately bonded to Dandelion and Waffles. So I am at I neuter him so he can live with the girls..or find another baby boy to keep him company. I am at it safe for my little boy? Is it good for his health? I must do much research on this and consult my vet. Either way, welcome to my king Solomon (Salmon Face) as mom calls him. He is sure to be a mommas boy and an accredited lap rat.
What a wonderful Christmas..Spent with my family..the animals got more presents from my family then me and Jeremy! How fabulous.



Blogger archi ann said...
Glad you had such a great christmas! That's a cool picture of you and your furry critters. They can come to my new years party if you want! and we hope you have a wonderful new years!

Anonymous Lady Shamisen said...
Neutering, like any operation, does have it's risks. I used to have my rats neutered par-de-course, but now I only have it done if there are any behavioural problems that need to be remedied. Aftercare is important and after the operation your boy will have to have some time by himself. When I've had a neutered boy due to go back into a cage of boys he's seperated for a week - if he was going in with girls it's more like 6 weeks!
If you want to put him in with a hareem of girls then there is certainly nothing wrong with having him neutered for this purpose- just remember that he can't go i with them immediately. And enjoy your boy!
Love Lady S and the lads at the Vermin Realm x

Anonymous abita said...
Awww, congratulations!

All of the neuters we've had done have gone fine, but as Sham said, it carries a risk. Do you know how old the little guy is?

Blogger Rattie said...
Happy New Year! And welcome Solomon!

I'm with Lady Shamisen regarding neutering. All three of my boys are neutered so they could join the ladies. One of my boys, Oliver, was also neutered because he developed a nasty attitude (he loved to bite) but now he's such a squishy boy. Yes, as with all surgery, there are risks involved, but none of my boys had complications and recovered just fine.

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