Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Decision 2008
To neuter or not to neuter....I have read all the literature, I have talked to my vet...I have talked to Dandelion and Waffles...I made my decision yesterday. King Solomon is no longer alone in his big cage..I went to my local breeder, something I never do since I am in the business of rescue, but I am desperate and very limited to the type of rat I could bring home. I got a 3 month old dumbo rat male, very big and squishy already! The two wrestled for a while playing the pin game, then the both of them collapsed in one big boy rat pile. The dumbo is appropriately named Marshmallow. He is the most laid back easy going rat I have ever seen, and the two are inseperable now with Marshmallow even bringing food to the little Solomon..What a blessing to have found my big squishy angel to look over my baby Solomon. I know he will watch over him and the odd couple will be forever friends.
Now all I have to do is start rat play time at 6 instead of 7 and go until 10. I am owned :)


Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
but what a wonderful feeling and the squishy boys are always to snuggly aren't they? ~The Fluffy Tribe Mom Jane

Anonymous Abita said...
Congratulations again!

And three cheers for sweet little boys who don't get territorial and macho.

Blogger archi ann said...
yup - same here... my mum does it all for us... humans are such good staff!

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