Wednesday, February 20, 2008
A Day in the Life
I have been quiet this week. Babies treatment is tricky and time consuming, heres a look.
DAILY MASSAGES: Daily massaging is "very" important. Like any person with is partially paralyzed, they still need their muscles moved. A body that doesn't move loses muscle tone and the internal organs will cease to function well, which in turn can bring on a whole other set of health problems.

HEATING DEVICES:I use a product called a "Micro-Heat Disc" that you microwave for 4 minutes and it stays warm for approx. 14 hours. These discs are about the size of a frisbee, only thicker and work really well.

WATER: Syringing water is very important since Baby is slowly losing her ability to drink from her little saucer.


The following is just an example of what a typical day in my life with Baby is:
6am - long drink of water, bath time and then wrapped in warm towels till dry. Being careful not to let Baby get chilled!!!
7am - While she still can, she exercises in her maze for about 1/2 hour. When she can no longer do that, I will exercise her body for her by moving her legs around and massaging her from head to toe.

7:30am - Breakfast and more water given, followed by a nap.

Noon - Lunch and water given followed by lots of cuddle time and a nice long nap.

7pm - Dinner and water, followed by more cuddle time, full body massage and lots of attention from everyone until its time to go to bed.

11pm - One last drink of water and tucked warmly into her nice soft bed.

*It is important to note that while Baby sleeps, I turn her hourly to prevent her form getting sore (except at night) when I will maybe wake up once or twice to do this and change the diaper under her if necessary. I'm an insomniac anyway.

Baby's new pad:

Baby's Medicine: I will go into what holistic therapies I am trying with her later, when and if I see results.


Anonymous abita said...
{Hugs} to you, Steffy.
I hope the medicines help, too. I'm thinking of you and Baby.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stef, Is baby doing okay?

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
The deterioration of her muscles has slowed, but she still cannot move very much on her own, I have to put diapers under her now for when she goes potty, and now the daily bath for her, she hates it, my poor baby looks miserable..but still energetic enough to get pissy with me, which is a great thing. I wish I could deal with her mood swings forever..

Blogger Jane said...
being an insomniac has its perks, (Fellow insomniac) Baby is lucky to have you looking after her ~Jane and the Fluffy Tribe

Blogger Kats_Kritters said...
Baby is very lucky to have you- not many people would be so dedicated to care and treatment. You guys are in my thoughts.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
baby is indeed blessed to have you
so sorry for what you both are going through

Blogger Jan said...
Oh, we are sorry to learn about Baby. You must care for her very much to invest so much time and effort into making her comfortable as possible. We know this is hard for you and we hope the medicine will help.

jans funny farm

Blogger Razzle said...
Lucky Baby to have you to take care of her. Everything you are doing sounds wonderful for her. Let's hope the progression slows and she continues with her energetic attitude. Sending you hugs! <3

Blogger Rattie said...
Baby is the very fortunate to have such a caring mum. Keep strong little one! Hugs and Scritches.

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