Friday, March 7, 2008
Going strong
Baby the hedgehog is going strong despite losing most control over her legs, her back left leg still is very strong and she scoots herself about. After Baby's bath every night, I have switched from her blankie to a low power blow dryer which she absolutely loves. She relaxes and stretches out her arms and legs, which is good to see they somewhat have some feeling. We do Her vitamin E every night, along with her multi vitamin and and big heaping helpful of baby formula, no pun intended. she is keeping her weight up and is still very independent. Go Baby!

Babytrying to trick me into thinking shes tired after her messy meal, to avoid a bath :)

Baby chowing down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Miss Baby is so freakin' cute with her grumpy little face.

We are moving!

Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
Awwww Baby is so cute and squeezable looking even tho' we know not to squeeze her. ~The Fluffy Tribe and Jane

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Same complex. We thought about trying to get closer to you (and my family,) but we don't really have to pay anything to stay in the same complex.

I still can't get enough of babies face. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sure! I love schlafly. They have yummy food too. The taproom has this veggie portobello sandwich that it to die for. Ummm... Monday's are the best because Joshua is off. Let me know of a date, and I will ask off too. Let's say April 7. Do you have your schedule already?

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
Me?? have a schedule?? yeah right, i live for the moment baby!! I dont have my schedule yet but mondays is when jeremy does truck. well figure it out home girl, he is absolutely obsessed with beer tasting.

Anonymous Multifuncional said...
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Blogger Razzle said...
Good for Baby!!! She is a such a brave girl.

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