Thursday, February 5, 2009
Running Hogs and Naked Rats
Well, this has been an interesting week. Noodles the hairless rat had Pneumonia which has since cleared up with antibiotics, King Solomon the boy rat got an abrasion on his eye so he'll get eye drops and rattie painkillers for 2 weeks, and finally Perseus the new baby dumbo rat has a head tilt. My vet is treating it as an inner ear infection, hopefully we caught it in time, but the tilt may be permanent. When it rains it pours.

Now do to popular demand, Noodles the naked boy rat, these pictures are rated R and not for young viewers. We do have full monty.

And the ever elusive and camera shy Gerber, running for dear life from moms sneaky camera.


Blogger Karen Jo said...
Hi, Noodles. I am glad that you are feeling better. I have never seen a naked rat before. Hi, Gerber. It's good that you can't quite run fast enough to avoid getting your picture taken. I hope that Perseus and the other one heal up fast.

Anonymous abita said...
Sorry your boys are under the weather; hope everyone heals up soon!

Thanks for the pictures. They brightened my day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
your guys are sure blessed to have you to take such good care of them

Blogger Lynn said...
I love me some naked rat pictures! Noodles is adorable and I hope he's feeling lots better. Scritches to all.

Blogger Holly Hog said...
Gerber is so tiny! The mad dash is always too funny.

I hope everyone feels better soon.

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
I hope your boys are feeling better! Noodles is some cute!

Blogger Peggy said...
That's the way it always happens at my house too; one gets sick and then there is an epidemic of problems. I hope everyone is on the mend and feeling better in no time.

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