Friday, March 9, 2007
I am in love with Dumbo Rats!!
A dumbo rat is simply a normal domestic rat, Rattus norvegicus (same species as almost all pet rats), with a mutation that enlarges and widens the ears and places them lower on the head. Somewhere along the line most of these rats appear to have been heavily selected for a docile temperament. They suffer no disadvantage due to their unusual ear set and size and slightly broader, flatter heads. In fact, their winsome sweet faces appear to be largely to their advantage when it comes to out-cute-ing the competition, whatever the species......

I saw my first Dumbo rat the other day and I fell in love immediately. I am of course a fan of the adorable hairless rat...but I believe I may have room in the future for a Dumbo as well. It is difficult however to come across certain kinds of small animals when your purpose is rescuing. I did feel horrible when mt 2 girl mice gave birth, I felt ashamed I brought life into this world when so many already need homes. But I look at it as a gift from my Coal mouse who passed recently. He was their daddy and I see more and more of him in them everyday.

Anyway, like I was saying, I LOVE DUMBO'S. My animals come to me through fate I think. And as the saying goes..."When a rodent is in trouble, I am not slow, it's hip hip hip and AWAY I GO!!"

Oh my goodness!!
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Blogger Trish said...
Oh, what an absolute cutie pie! I love Dumbo ratties, too. We have one, and his name is Chaucer. He will be meeting his mate later this spring, from the same rattery. I hope later this year to breed them, mostly to extend the line the rattery started. The lady behind the line has been breeding them for several years for health and longevity, two great reasons for breeding. Chaucer's father is still alive, and he's almost 5, and his grandfather who was even older recently passed on. I have great hopes in helping ratties live the longer lives they deserve...

Blogger Jenny said...
The strangest thing just happened to me. I was literally just thinking that you were going to end up with a rat before it is said and done, and Viola! I vistit your blog and discover this post.

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