Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Mouse Art and Poerty by Steffy
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My babies climb and ascend my face.
They scurry over shoulders, leaving not a trace.
Trusting and loving, this brave little soul,
But the fact of reality takes its toll.
Everyday her sisters are taken by man.
Their lives are ended, by the death fan.
Fun and amusement in their demise.
You see the pain and struggle in her eyes.
I cannot save you all, I say in her ear,
Save as many as you can mama,
Bring them all here.
Their are no happy endings, because nothing ever ends,
My fight for their freedom will cease to mend,
Their hearts beat, their eyes tear, they can smell happy,
and they can know fear.
If you ever knew the love in their gaze,
it would never be a passing faze.
You would be twisted in their mouse maze,
Dancing and singing with the mice as they play.

By Steffy, March 8th, 2007

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Blogger Trish said...
It was lovely meeting you, Miss Steffy, via your comment on WLB! I am very touched by your poetry, and your love of the little ones...

Blogger Jenny said...
Nice to meet your new addition!

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