Saturday, March 24, 2007
Rat Diary...Day 6
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Oh Miss Molly, what a delight you are. My beautiful baby has eaten two of my favorite shoes already. I was working on trust with her and holding, when she skipped out of my arms and into my closet. I figured, "what is the harm in that"? Until about an hour later Miss MOlly comes trotting out with a black slip on in her mouth. Oh my, I wasn't mad at all actually, it was so cute..She wanted MY shoe. Fabulous. She loves Strawberry jam and making a mess with it in her cage. She loves Cheeto's and burying them in her Rat's Nest. I think she is still mistaking my fingers for sausage links, but we are working on it...Ive got nothing but time.

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Blogger Trish said...
Hey there, Steffy! Just saw the Molly saga and am catching up. It's always so much fun getting to know these little characters...

Blogger One of us said...
The girl rats are always so much more hyper than the boys. they don't snuggle as much but are just as loving in their own way ie swiping your clothes, eating your shoes, nibbling your hair, running around on your bed and hiding and seeking. I love my girls as much as my boys but they are so different. Sound like Ms Molly is your typical little girl ratty. So sweet and into mischief ~Poi Mom Jane

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