Monday, March 19, 2007
Rat Diary...Day 2
Oh wow....I am just full of thoughts right now. Miss Molly had an interesting night as me and Jeremy slept. She ventured unto the second floor where her teddy bear was and I heard her fussing about and playing in the tube. This morning I awoke with excitement and hope. I tenderly scooted Miss Molly into her travel case and I grabbed a bad of fritos and a glass of water and we sat in the empty bath tub figuring each other out. I sat there and ate while she started hiding in my clothes. She climbed up my pants leg several times, very cool.

I began to notice though she is very terrified of hands. I scooted her into her travel case and set it on my lap. I began just stroking her. She nipped me once or twice, but soon she began to purr it seemed. She closed her eyes and let me rub every inch of her. Her face, her belly, her tail, everywhere. She was calm and let her guard down, it was amazing. I attempted to place my hand under her to pick her up but she wasn't having it. I felt she had made enough progress for then and placed her back in her home. She is so terrified of people, but I can tell she wants to trust me, but can't.

Her stare is hypnotic, almost if she can read my thoughts. I talked to her to whole time, I almost forgot I was talking to a rat and not another person. I told her of the other babies, how they came here etc. I sang to her and repeated her name over and over again. I have never touched a rat before, their tail is like a paintbrush and fur like silk. I told her I loved her, my little Molly. I think I shall eat lunch now and try again with Miss molly later this evening. I am cooking her spaghetti with mushroom sauce with a side of broccoli. Perhaps a little spoiling is in order. Pictures will be up tonight I suspect, if daddy Jeremy charges the camera.
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