Wednesday, March 28, 2007
My Surprise This Morning
I guess Jeremy took it upon himself to capture me at my best last night. I have this habit of snuggling with the hedgehogs late at night and dozing off. Baby is usually under the blankie and Gerber stays securely in my hand. This morning I found my camera on and saw the wonderful moment caught. Note that ball of spines is Gerber, Baby the hedgehog is snuggled into my side. The Chase Lounge is our favorite sleeping spot.
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Gerber also got a bath yesterday and his cage cleaned, Baby is getting her bath today and her nails done. I am enjoying being off work actually because I am getting some really good rodent time in, besides, mommy had lots of money saved up just for babies in case she decided to quit her job.

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Blogger Rattie said...
Awwww, the little hedgehog looks so comfy sleeping with mum!

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