Sunday, October 7, 2007
Wild Field Mice and Embellishments...
Well it has been 1 month in our new home..We are still settling in since both of us still work a lot, but peace is easily achieved. In the past month, Dandelion has been to the doctor for a sprained ankle and Nickel the mouse was rushed in with a case of ringworm. I have been painting again, my muses are easily found. My mouse/hedgehog/hamster/playroom is almost complete. Insulated windows and warming blankets are installed, I just need to set up the play-pen barriers. The guinea pigs reside in the living room, as they always have, and the rats...are still in the bedroom, I need rats in my bed periodically. Everyone is doing just one...


Yesterday, as Jeremy was coming home from work, in the middle of a parking lot, on a hot day, with nothing else around...lay a baby (eyes still sealed shut) field mouse.
Oh my word, It is as if the great spirit placed this baby from heaven upon the asphalt with a message to us. I am at odds with myself..I have the underlying guilt of domesticating this wild beauty, but then again i cannot snuff fate. He is munching down formula and regaining strength, he appears to be approaching the flea stage soon, and his eyes are opening slowly..he is in strict quarantine away from everyone else, with me and Jeremy waking up every 3 hours to feed him...sigh...So anyway..that has been my month, what a time.

Mouse room..
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Hogs rule...Hamsters rule.. side two.
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Hogs rule more..
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Feed table and toy area..Hamsters rule more..
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Samuel aka wild thing aka Sam I am a Field Mouse..
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Samuel cuddling in daddies shirt..They look so different from my fancy mice..
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My newest painting entitled "Self Portrait"
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Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
Awww yer new little baby is so cute. He is just cute, cute, cute. We like the portrait too ~The Fluffy Tribe and Mom Jane

Blogger Karen Jo said...
I am glad that things are getting settled in your new home. Your new baby mouse is really cute. I love the picture of him (?) cuddling with Jeremy.

Blogger kar120cus said...
I just came across your blog through the Blog Awards. I can't believe I have found my long lost sister. I too am a tiny paws addict. I have seven hamsters, thirteen hedgehogs and am absolutely dying to get a pair of rats. I have had mice until recently and have not yet found anyone carrying fancy mice. At any rate, your blog is wonderful and I will read it every single day and enjoy your experiences with the worlds most wonderful creatures! Jane

Anonymous Anonymous said...
WOW! I used to have several rabbits and cages all over too, and I live in a small 1 bedroom! You've done a great job settling them all in and the field mouse is adorable. Beautiful portrait too.

Great pics - great update!

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
Things do certainly seem to be getting normal around here....Halloween is coming up..I am contemplating pumpkins and mice for my blog theme that day...

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
PS!! Jane if you have a blog, let me know i would love to link to ya so we can have many rodent discussions to come!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stef, You painting is amazing!

Blogger Rattie said...
You have a kind soul for rescuing the little mouse...

Blogger Razzle said...
Aww, that little mouse was sure lucky to have found you! The new place looks fantastic - look at all the room for the babies.

Your painting is beautiful! You're very talented. More paintings!!

Anonymous Digby said...
My daughter has been dealing with a mouse in her house and it fell in her garbage can. she feels it might not survive outside and needs some information on keeping a house/field mouse. She has it in a terrarium, but can she feed and care for it as the domesticated mice are fed? Thank you. She wants to protect it, but also do best for the little one.

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
Oh my...I just went back over this post and just say the last entry...I am so sorry Digby for missing your question feel free to contact me anytime, my e-mail is on my page.

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