Friday, September 21, 2007
Trying to recover...
Hello all. I am coming to you via Jeremys laptop....We still do not have my computer set up yet..yuck....The new place is wonderful, the babies are fine, side from Dandelion getting a sprained ankle...she is doing better and is under strick play supervision. This is my first weekend in 3 years this is what Friday night is like. I will have many pictures up soon of the new living arrangements, as well as the free-range rodent room. Be back soon, hope you all are doing well, have a good night.
Blogger Karen Jo said...
I am glad that you got your move completed. I am sorry that Dandelion sprained her ankle. I hope she recovers soon. I also hope you get your computer up and running soon. I am eager to see all your rodents in their new living and playing quarters.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Now that you have one less job to worry about, I expect more blogs!

Blogger The Cat Realm said...
Hi there,
Skeezix gave me the idea for a nomss friend halloween contest - best noms costume, cat as a dog, goat as a cat, etc. - and I was wondering if Pickles and Gadget would be willing to be part of the panel of judges to decide in this category?
You can email me
thecatrealm at gmail dot com
and let me know.

Blogger archi ann said...
can't wait till you get your computer up - need my fix of pics of all your furry furry friends!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Miss Steff, How are your weekends off?

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
My weekends off are amazing...i cannot describe the peace i am i have a blog for you all....i am working on it now..

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