Sunday, July 1, 2007
A Tribute to Ariel..Saying Goodbye
I was given Ariel by a couple who had bought her to use as bait to lure a hawk out of their garage. She had a string tied around her and was dangled from the ceiling. After the hawk showed no interest she was put outside only to stay by the door while the cold weather slowly froze her. She was finally picked up by the couple and brought to me while working at McDonald's early one morning.

She has only been with me for a couple of months. Her back was crooked and she walked stiffly...but she still got around. She was one of the only mice Jeremy could free-range. She could come and go from her cage freely during the evening, always following her own trail and keeping us in her sight.

I have been up for 32 hours now. Working a double and coming home to see my angel resting in her coffin. She passed between 6 and 8 this morning, Laying down and just going to sleep in her wheel. She looks so peaceful, her crooked little back is crooked no more. Fly my little baby, I will see you again.

Ariel when we first got her, my little bull-dog.

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Blogger Razzle said...
Oh how sad! I'm so sorry about Ariel! What a trooper she was. I'm glad that her last few months were happy and full of love. Rest in peace little Ariel.

Blogger Peggy said...
Ariel was lucky to have a home with you. I'm so sorry to hear about her passing.

Blogger Jenny said...
Oh Stef, I am sorry to hear that Ariel passed away.

Blogger Rattie said...
I'm sorry to hear about Ariel's passing. Take comfort in knowing you provided her a loving and kind home during her last months.

Blogger One of us said...
that is so sad about Ariel. It is good you gave her a good loving home in her last months. Fly to the Bridge Ariel and run free. ~the fluffy tribe and mom Jane

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