Monday, June 11, 2007
Sadness Turns into Appreciation
It has been almost a week now since Onion has left us. His giant cage sits clean and empty in the spot it had always resided. I cannot bear to move it. Being Guinea-Pig-Less has been rough, but I am moving more towards appreciation then depression now. I am so thankful I had Onion in my life. I am so thankful I have my other babies to help me grieve. And I am so grateful to have a man who shares my pain and love for these angels. Please watch over my family Onion, I hope your having a blast with your new angel wings.

Jeremy and his girl Dandelion.

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Me trying unsuccessfully to order a pizza.
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Me getting a good dose of Bubonic!! J/K..I just can't stop kissing my rats.
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Blogger Razzle said...
awww, your ratties are so cute! I like how they help you pick out a pizza place. :) Do they get to eat some pizza too?

I'm sure Onion is watching over you all, also thankful for all you did for him.

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
Well...I always order cheese pizza..and the girls are partial to cheese..but they can only have in small mom usually peels the cheese off and lets the girls lick the sauce and eat the bread.

Blogger One of us said...
So sorry to hear about Onion. We know you miss him. Hopesfully the pizza made you feel betters since we know it is SO GOOD. mom shares wif us always. We send you foofs, and purrs, and head bumps to makes you feel betters ~Poiland tribe

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