Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Goodbye Onion.
Friends....Last night as I arrived home from work, My Jeremy tells me my piggy has been acting odd. I picked up him thinking he was just missing his momma and in a flash, he had a heart-attack and slipped away. My beloved Onion waited all day for me and finally went to sleep in my arms as I rocked him. I kissed him and held him tight so he would not be frightened. I held him for a long time after that, then laid him in his bed. He will spend his first night in the afterlife with us so as not be scared. He will be buried tomorrow next to his kin in the garden at my parents house. I am grieving immensely....So many goodbye's..I wonder is it all worth it? Can I withstand this heart-ache? Then I picture what Onions life might have been without me. He was a rescue. I know others need me and I will take comfort in that and pursue my mission of saving them. I cannot sleep for my babies final moments haunt my closed eye-sight. I wish I knew he was ok...I wish I could see him just one more time. I hope he is warm where ever he is. My dearest Onion, please tell Coal mouse, Radish, Moo and Dime Momma misses them terribly and that I will see you all again.

I made this memorial video with pictures and music for all to enjoy in Onions life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh Stef. This is devastating!

Blogger Razzle said...
Stef, I am so sorry about sweet loved him so much. And he you. He waited for you because he knew you'd want to be there. Don't think for a moment that it's not worth it!!! It hard to say goodbye to our babies, but you gave Onion such a wonderful, loving home and made his life safe and happy. All of your babies are so lucky to have you.
Sending you hugs and prayers for Onion.

Blogger Rattie said...
I'm so very sorry! Hugs for Onion...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
RIP Onion. - (an old friend)

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