Saturday, May 12, 2007
Miss Molly has been Tagged!!
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1. I adore Milkbone Dog Biscuits.
2. Even though I bite mommy, I really love her and would attack anyone trying to harm her.
3. I love my tail to be stroked.
4. I have the thousand-yard stare.
5. I sleep in my hammock but am always on guard.
6. Mommy loves my belly and I show it to get treats.
7. I am getting older but I still look better then these new girls in her with me :)

I tag Amelia rat and Chaucer Rat.


Blogger Rattie said...
Miss Molly is such a sweet looking girl!

Anonymous Ratty said...
so purty :)

Blogger Razzle said...
thousand-yard stare!! LOL! Molly is too cute!

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