Friday, April 6, 2007
Summer haircuts and snoozing mice
Ahh....what a whirl of a week. I have been on a million job interviews and I believe I have found the one I want. Selling pursues. Might not sound too exciting but I am a purse fiend, it is my heroin. I am so stoked. Anyway, Onion the guinea pig had an appointment with mommies scissors. Every summer he gets a haircut because he is so woolly and I fear him over-heating while out in the grass in the sun. So Onion is shaved and looking good, I probably took a pound of fur off of him.

I am about to clean the mice homes and stumbled upon Carrot and Turnip cuddling, I had to capture the shot.

Onion falling asleep during dinner.
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Onion fully awake and chowing down some salad mix.
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Carrot and Turnip snoozing the morning away.
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Blogger Jenny said...
There's onion, about half the size. He is so freakin' adorable. Like usual. Did you get your job? I hope so.

Blogger Jenny said...
P.S. The way to a Guinea Pigs heart is food. That's the best way to photograph Bean.

Blogger ~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...
Aww, they are really cute pets. I used to have a guinea pig when I was little....sadly, my dad accidentally caused him to have a heat stroke.

Blogger One of us said...
I have fallen asleep during dinner too Onion ~Poi Mom Jane

cuddles, cuddles, cuddles ~Poiland Tribe

Blogger Rattie said...
Onion is adorable!

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