Sunday, April 1, 2007
The truth behind Miss Molly the Rat
I have been reluctant to write about Miss Molly's past, but I think it is crucial to help me deal with her behavior now. Miss Molly was bought on a whim by a couple who were only together for a month. The man kept the rat, and she resided in a 10 gallon sized wire cage in the dining room. The metal wires were spaced far apart. Also in the house was a Rottweiler. I love these dogs but of course her instinct was to hunt the rat which was at the dogs level on the shelf. The dog would constantly nip the cage and chase poor Molly into a worn out cardboard tube, the only protection she had.

This went on for 6 months. Never being held and constantly tormented by a dog. One day I was approached by a friend of the mans and was asked if I would take her in. She explained to me that the dog had finally got to the rat and attacked her, fortunately Molly is a pretty bad-ass rat and kept the dog at bay, even inflicting wounds that required stitches. The moment I heard the story I was taken. I received her in her tiny cage full of old yellowed bedding with bits of plastic bag in it and seeds so old they had begun to sprout<--no I am not joking.

Molly has been with me for 3 weeks now and today was the first day she REALLY bit me. I was organizing her cage and spot cleaning as I do pretty much every other day when I noticed some fuzz on her back. Not thinking I reached over to get it off her. She bit down hard and ran. I didn't jerk my hand back because I did not want to scare her but the blood was dripping down good. I was shocked. I did not come from over head because I know it scares her, I keep my hands at her level at all times. I have to admit I was really upset, not at being bit, but the fact I scared her enough to chomp me. She looked at me with her eyes as if she were saying "sorry mama, please don't send me away". I sat with her for a long time talking to her and telling her she never has anything to worry about ever again and showing her my finger was just fine.

We have a good relationship I think. I adore her, and love everything she does. I love giving her treats and cooking her dinner. Perhaps she will never want to be loved on as my other animals do. Perhaps petting is something she just cannot tolerate. I know though that if she ever changes her mind, my hand will be in there again to oblige. Miss Molly is moody, paranoid, and can be the biggest brat and get away with it all with one glance of her big jelly bean eyes. Jeremy said she inherited it from me.

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Blogger One of us said...
I have a little girl rat that was traumatized and she will bite if I go into her territory to quickly or surprise her so I reach in very slowly and always let her sniff my hand first. SOmetimes she still gets me, but very rarely now. SHe doesn't mean it and never bites me when I'm holding her. Molly probably has had horrible trauma being gone after by a dog constantly. Poor baby ~Poi Mom Jane

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