Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Ratty Discoveries and Teenagers
Well, I was laying in bed and looked toward Miss Molly the rats cage. I saw a beautiful act unfolding before me. Miss Molly discovered her hammock, finally. She has been content to just chew on her hammock but this morning I saw her laying peacefully in it. Just sound asleep. I had to capture the moment, waking her though, but I couldn't miss it. Here ya go, Miss Molly waking from a night of sweet hammock slumber.

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The next piece is my realization of genetics. My Coal mouse, who passed not a month ago, left me 14 babies, 13 now. One of his boys resembles his daddy so much. He even climbs the water bottle to be picked up by us like Coal mouse did. He has his color and and his eyes. His characteristics are so much like Coal's. I am so thankful my old man mouse left me this gift to remember him by. Darth Vader is a joy and a constant reminder life never ends, it just changes form and lives on through memories and love.

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Blogger One of us said...
Precious pictures ~Poiland Tribe

Blogger Rattie said...
Ahhh, so cute! I remember when my rats finally discovered the hammocks were for sleeping not chewing, I was pretty excited.

Oh, Happy World Rat Day Miss Molly!

Blogger Jenny said...
I really do think that Miss Molly has come a long way. I was at Petsmart today and say a cage like her original one. How could she be comfortable in such a small space. Peace out.

Blogger goin2college said...
aww they are really cute, i used to have hamsters and these pictures made me miss them so much!!!

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