Monday, May 28, 2007
Momma is a Worry Wort
Well the Vet visit went better then I thought and $200 later I have two prescriptions, and humidifier and a can of immune boost baby formula, plus two healthier rats.

They are to take the medication for 10 days and see the vet again on Monday at 7. She felt good about the diagnosis but feels they may have this issue their whole life since it has started so young. They have the first stages of respiratory infection. The "blood" wasn't blood but a liquid they dispense when ill or stressed. What a relief. Thank you to everyone who e-mailed me and commented me, I'm still worried, but I am a mom and that is what moms do.

Ratty dinner, Dandelion was the sicker of the two so I am glad she is eating a full dinner. Taking the meds is easy too since the pills can be diluted in apple juice and given through a syringe.
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Their energy is up and a moment after the last picture was taken I had a lens full of noses.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank goodness!

Blogger Rattie said...
Good news that your rats are better! Is it myco?

Blogger One of us said...
Oh we hopes yer girls are doin okay now and that Ms Molly isn't feeling bad either. ~poiland tribe

Blogger Razzle said...
taking medicine is yucky, but i hope you guys are feeling better soon. my mommy worries about me all the time too.

Blogger Rattie said...
How are your rats today?

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
The girls are doing one week they have gained 10 grams each! I have not heard a sneeze/wheeze in days and Their energy level is up..I am so grateful

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