Sunday, May 27, 2007
My girls are sick, I need your prayers.
Waffles and Dandelion began bleeding from the nose, they have always made noises close to chirping but I fear now it was sneezing. The vet opens at 9 and i will call for an emergency visit. My heart is so full of fear and anguish right now, I need prayers, high hopes and good thoughts for them my friends. Thank you and I will let everyone know something when I do.

God, please don't take my babies yet.
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Anonymous Ratty said...
Don't panic - red discharge from ratty noses is Poryphin, and is usually an indication of illness but not always, a certain amount of it is 'normal'. If you're hearing sneezing though it's most likely they do need to see a vet, and will be prescribed a course of Baytril and make a full recovery :)

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