Wednesday, June 13, 2007
I Can Never Be Guinea Pig-Less...
Everyone please welcome Pickles McHushpuppy and Go Go Gadget!

I would like to thank the wonderful people at The Critter Corral and the links they sent me at Petfinder. I wanted just one single male, but when I saw thses two angels, I just had to have them. After some paperwork and a small adoption fee, they have come home finally.
My home is complete again. They are still so young and are just beginning to learn how to "wheek". They also appear to be potty trained, I am not sure how but they are going in one corner so I put a litter pan in there and they seem to enjoy using it.
I am so over joyed.
Miss Pickles is the short hair,
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Miss Gadget is the long hair with red eyes,
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Timothy hay!
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Toilet paper is a great toy,
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Blogger Razzle said...
AWWW! Congrats on your new additions!!! They are so cute! And smart too - already potty-trained? Love their names too. :)

Blogger Rattie said...
What a wonderful addition to your family! CongRATulations!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
She does look like a hush puppy. How freakin' cute. He.He. Go Go Gadget is the name of my car....

Are they liter mates?

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
I am not sure if they are or not...consensus says yes, but you never know.

Blogger Peggy said...
Congratulations on your new family members. They are adorable. I just love piggies even if I am allergic to them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
(My space is banned at work, so I am writing you back here.)

So, I've been thinking about your letter on myspace today. I'm dying to hang out too. I usually have every other weekend off, but they have been short handed so that out the door.

I'll e-mail you my days off when I get home. You do the same. We will work something out. I think we should do something really fun, like the zoo, or your S. Grand. I haven't even been there yet and I am dying to go. Or Lemp Mansion.

I'll see you soon.

Oh, I had to go to a bike race with Joy. It wasn't so bad, but Josh really wanted to get a picture of us together just for you. It didn't happen. Joy isn't that bad, I guess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Stef.

I just want to thank you for dropping those wonderful notes by my house this morning. I awoke to them sitting on my computer.

(Josh says that he glad that you felt guilty enough to drop them by. :-) He said this while he was standing next to Joy. He does like to ruffle your feathers.)

You really are a great friend. I want you to know this. I don't like anyone really, so you know that I am sincere.

We are going through a transition. I'm trying to get used to being at a job where people don't even try to be nice to me. They just ignore me like I am not even there. That's fine, but it's hard to sit silent all day. Josh works like crazy...which is really nice for the bank, but lonely on the heart.

And you have had a tremendous heartache recently. I still cannot believe it about Onion. Plus you are working two job...crazy!

Enough of the sappy stuff. I must work. The 4th sounds great. We will get together on it later.

Again, I'm sorry.

Blogger One of us said...
toilet paper is the best ~the fluffy tribe

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