Friday, October 10, 2008
Clean Cages Night
Every Wed is Clean Cages Night. This is no easy task since the rat cages are so big. But the use of moms bathtub makes the task easy.

But of course the girls rats new I had went to Petsmart...they stared greedily at me and said :so wheres our new toy??" And of course I pulled out the new crinkle flower.
"Whats this?"
"Its a bed and it crinkles!!"
Clean cages done, new flower installed.
An angry look from Solomon of the boy rats clan, "All we got is this new extra fluffy bed".


Anonymous abita said...
I have a feeling our chicken boys would be scared of a bed that crinkled. I've seen them all dive under a blanket at the sound of crinkling paper!

Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
My boys ate their new fluffy bed and chewed all their hammocks and now need new ones. They are so stinky, but they like the crinkly flower. ~Jane and the Fluffy Tribe

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
We love that crinkly flower!! But, we have no Petsmart here.

Blogger Lynn said...
Ah, cage cleaning. Fun times! haha

What a nifty flower you got for the girls. I never did see any of these cool items in our pet stores in either city we've lived in. Poo. Guess I should go online from now on.

Boys, don't be jealous. I'm sure your mom buys exactly what you like. Maybe you are chicken like Abita's boys? lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fun stuff! It's like that with the rabbit cage. (I suppose it's a cage, we never close the door. It more her house.) She gets fur everywhere.

Blogger Razzle said...
hahaha...oh poor Solomon. He's soooo deprived! ;)

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