Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Mice Wednesday

Well all has been quiet during the integration of Georgina into our household. The Mouse/Hedgehog room is strictly off limits to the cat and so is the rat/master bedroom, not really because the rats show fear, they really paid her no attention, but because of me and Jeremys allergies being so bad. But being as small as Georgina is I feel better being able to keep and eye on her. She has the whole rest of the house to herself, including the guinea pigs which she is deathly afraid if. My pigs still outweigh her enormously and she runs from them the minute they make a sound in their hutch. All and all things are quiet, my babies are leaving me quickly, I am down to 4 fancy mice and 3 field mice, 1 hedgehog, 4 rats, 2 guinea pigs and 1 cat. We miss our mice terribly. I may be calling around to a few shelters to bring some more mouse babies home. I still would like to get a companion for Gerber the hedgehog, but hedgehog adoptions are few, thank god. All and all is all we are.


Blogger Lynn said...
Your home has just rearranged the love. :) Poor little kitty being frightened by the piggies. Ah, well, she'll settle in fully soon enough.

Blogger Karen Jo said...
I am so glad that you decided to bring Georgina home. I think it's funny that the piggies scare her. I think she'll fit right in once she gets used to the idea of having a home. I think you are very wise to keep her away from the mice and Gerber.

Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
There aren't??????????? How'd we end up with three?????? ~The Fluffy Tribe Ratz and Rabbie

Anonymous Nona said...
I think its funny that the pigs scare her. Its understandable, but still funny.

Hopefully since she is so young she can grow up to live in peace and harmony with all those noms in the house. -smile-

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
Heh heh heh, she's scared of the piggies?! It's funny and cute but at the same time I feel sorry for Georgina.

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