Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Goodbye Molly Guard Rat
Wow. What a shock to the system this has been. Molly, my first rat, my guardian, my keeper. Molly's story began sad and has now ended, happily. For all who has followed her progress, here is the short story. It is important to be told because there is hope for aggressive rats. Molly probably wasn't born an aggressive rat, she was made one through systematic abuse by careless owners. She was kept in a 10 gallon hamster cage, Molly is a large rat. Her cage was never cleaned and she was kept for 6 months with a rottweiler in the house with her. I love dogs, but some dogs do not like rats. After constant torment by the dog, molly's cage was finally broken into. Molly was surely done for, but she is pretty hardcore and cause such damage to the dog that it required vet attention. Molly was going to be euthanized for harming the dog so, until the owners girlfriend talked to me about taking her in. I never had rats. I was a mouse and hedgehog mommy. But we made room and took her in. I bought the biggest cage i could find, toys, etc. Molly could never be touched, she was never socialized. If you got to close, she would get you, it was almost a game. I tried to positively reinforce her and say things like "you almost got me Molly, next time you'll get me" Shed laugh and thats how things went. Soon Waffles and Dandelion came to live with Molly to keep her company. They were babies and molly protected them fiercely. She raised them to be the confident beautiful girl rats they are today.
Thank you Molly for bringing rats into my life, I could never hold you, kiss you, or rub your ears, but you knew I loved you. I never felt I missed out on anything with you, we loved each other from within your comfort zone.
You passed away an old woman rat, just shy of your 4th birthday. Godspeed my darling, daddy has been crying a lot..but do not feel bad Molly, we know we will see you again. Guard my babies in heaven well my angel.

My tribute to molly.


Anonymous abita said...
She looks so bright and alert in those is remarkable what animals can suffer through, and recover from.

I'm sorry she had to leave you, but what a wonderful legacy she has.

Blogger Luka & Ezri said...
What a great woman you are for letting an aggressive rat be your FIRST rat and thank goodness for Molly you were there for her.

She did live to a ripe old age, didn't she?

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
I'm so sorry for your loss. But she was truly a very fortunate girl to have found such a wonderful home. What a sweet angel. Many bright blessings.

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
One of my main goals is to find and try new ways to enrich and lengthen the lives of rats, 2-3 yrs should be 4-5 plus.

Blogger Jane said...
Our thoughts are with you Steffy. We know you miss Molly. She was a cute, cute girl ratty. *foofs* ~Jane and the FLuffy Tribe

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i'm so sorry but you gave her such a wonderful life

Blogger Lynn said...
I'm very sorry to hear about Miss Molly's passing. How fortunate to have her for so long. My thoughts are with you.

Blogger Razzle said...
Oh Steffy, I'm so sorry about Molly! You are truly a wonderful person for giving Molly the long, happy life she deserved, especially after such a rough start.

Rest in peace little Molly.

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