Sunday, June 1, 2008
Going Slow
The past week has been a tough one. Babies passing took me harder then I thought it would. Thank goodness my other babies have taken up the cause of distracting me. Molly rat showed signs of perhaps the end was near, or maybe not. Dandelion the rat developed a nice skin aggravation to which a shampoo every two days has helped.

I also went on a shopping spree to help take my mind of things. I renovated the rat room with a new rat skyscraper, many new toys and 2 new wodent wheels.


The girl rats love their octopus

The crinkle sack has actually been a big hit.

Always a safe favorite, the wobust Wodent Wheel


Anonymous abita said...
I think it's especially hard after losing a pet who has needed such intense care. When you no longer have the routine of the meds and the baths and the feeding, you notice her absence that much more acutely.

We're thinking of you. {hugs}

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
It really has been like an empty void at night. I miss her so much.

Blogger Rattie said...
There's always an empty feeling when we lose our beloved pet...))hugs(( to you. My heart goes out to you...

Wonderful shopping spree you had! My rats also love their octopus and they use to love their crinkle sack (until they thought it was a new chew toy).

Oh, please forgive my ignorance but how far to you live from New York? There is a rat adoption train heading that direction.

Bright Blessings, Linda

Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
my girls ate one of the arms of their octopus ~Jane

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i TOTALLY understand - i felt that way especially when Ollie died but Archi's loss was so sudden it has taken me a lot to move on. You did great stuff for Baby and she knows.


Blogger Lynn said...
It's always hard to lose one so close to your heart.

However, the rattie upgrades are fabulous, and I'm sure they are enjoying them all. I wish I had known about some of them when I had all my girls.

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