Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Baby and Bok Choy
Well, Baby has become completely immobilized. But even that has not slowed her down. She had to be moved to a crib I built for her. She is slightly suspended in it for that hammock feel but supported all around so she wont topple over. Now she is in there, we have to have a bath twice a day, a partial one to clean her poopies off and the night one. The night one, she soaks in a bowl of baking soda and warm water. I worried that her skin may get dry from all the baths so i rub cocoa butter on her ears and drop some pure vegetable oil throughout her quilly back and tummy.
With her new crib though presents some issues. She has to be moved several times a day so as not to create bed sores and her massaging has become more crucial to keep her muscles mass. She has not experienced any weight loss!! This is so great for i feared the worst, buy my diet i am making is keeping her going. At the end of babies ordeal hopefully years from now (some WHS Hedgehogs live with the disease for up to 19 months!) I will disclose my techniques, diet, and medical care since everything with WHS is so primitive, I am taking holistic approaches along with vet recommended treatment. I hope the best.


On the other end of the rainbow, I highly recommend all Rattie/mouse/guinea pig owners go out and buy bok choy now!!! They flipped over the onion/lettuce taste and i even steamed and buttered some up for myself.


Blogger archi ann said...
she is so fortunate to have you to take such awesome care of her

and the picture makes me want to just cuddle her up

Blogger Razzle said...
That Baby is a fighter. Sounds like you have some really good techniques for helping hedgies with WHS. That's fantastic that she is maintaining her weight. Thank goodness she has you!!

Yay for Baby and Miss Steffy!

Blogger Rattie said...
What a little trooper and she has the best mum!

Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...
what a little sweetie Baby is. I hope she is doing okay and not in pain. ~The Fluffy Tribe and Jane

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read your myspace!

She does have the best mom.

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