Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Sweet Georgia
Well, the rodent mom has been swayed. Yesterday Jeremy brought home a stray cat around 3 months old. It had taken him a week to gain the cats trust but finally she came home with him. She was so skinny, scarily skinny and just wanted to be held. She purred, the first time I have ever felt a cat purr. She clung to me while Jeremy was at work. She meowed and massaged me as she ate her meals. Today we brought her to the no-kill shelter down the road. I am conflicted. I miss her, my heart aches after one day with this creature. We cried as we left and the attendants must have been baffled. How can one love something so much they barely know. But we did. Gustavs' remains are thundering above Saint Louis right now, and my thoughts are with the little kitty. Should I try to get her back? Can she coexist with a household of rodents? She trusted us. I am truly indecisive on this one, I need time to think.

A video I made of Georgia's day with us, the first day of her life she was loved on. How important this really is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stef. Go get your cat.

Blogger Miss Steffy said...
I think I will, tomorrow. I need her in my arms. She needs us.

Blogger Karen Jo said...
Georgia is a little cutie. She is probably young enough to learn to coexist with rodents. There are examples of peaceful coexistence in the Cat Blogosphere. Scooby, Shaggy and Scout live with guinea pigs. The Fluffy Tribe mixes rats, cats and a bunny, but KoKo was unable to resist the mice when the Mom tried it, so be very careful of the mice.

Blogger Lynn said...
Any news on Georgia? I hope all is well.

Anonymous Nona said...
Oh, it sounds like the love was mutual. If she was feral it might not be possible for co-existing with the rodents though. I know our Moe can't be near the girls.

Blogger The Rattie Crew said...
She has stolen my heart!! She's beautiful and so lucky you rescued her!

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