Friday, August 22, 2008
Shameless Plug for Mom
Its Clinique Bonus time people, did I mention we do free shipping? All you have to spend is 21. 50 and you receive a wonderful cosmetic bag full of makeup!! Glance here Clinique and decide what you would like to order or come into the store, I work at Dillards Mid Rivers at the Clinque counter. Either way place your order with me at 636-970-2555. Ask for the Clinique counter and ask for Stefanie! You can be anywhere in the country, we do free shipping! I'll ship to where ever you are. Clinique is on Peta's list for no animal testing so it is rodent friendly!! Hence why I work there. Keeping women beautiful and rodents happy since 1969.

I try not to mingle business with pleasure but if I can help one person choose animal friendly makeup over animal tested makeup, I have done my job.


Blogger Razzle said...
Stef, what days are you there? I have my order ready!

Blogger *~Sarah Lynn~* said...
I love Clinique! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I hope you do get a rattie bracelet. I've been wearing mine every day. I got the charm & bracelet separate on their website. So cute!

Blogger Razzle said...
I love my Clinique order! What great stuff!

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