Thursday, December 14, 2006
Fight at the local pet store
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Gerber helping mom go to war against the desensitized youth.

Well the other day was quite an adventure and another rude awakening to humanities cruelty. Me and my husband were at a pet store, close to our home, hoping to see the new batch of baby mice born. We were gazing at them and watching them play, when behind us I tuned into the conversation of a group of kids. They were purchasing an Egyptian Spiny Mouse. Now that would normally not be a bad thing but it was what they were planning to do with it that sent me over the edge. The boys were exclaiming loudly about their plan to use the mouse in a practical joke in order to scare one of their friends. They planned to throw it out after they were done and no one else around me said anything to them about the moral evil they were committing. "Here I come to save the day!!" I thought. So I picked a fight with one of the guys not really realizing the height difference between us. I was a little outmatched but I screamed and howled at the group about life and the preciousness of every little creature. I tried my best to help their desensitized little brains into realizing these tiny animals would feel fear, could cry and be sad. My husband dragged me from the store and I am not sure if I had any affect on the a$$ holes, but I knew then, most people really don't care. Those little babies are nothing more then objects, not living and breathing. I am going to change that, even if I have to fight every punk in this dragged down city.

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